Maternity leave

Omgee! Yesterday marked the end of my maternity leave (ML)! 😱 I was supposed to resume work today on Monday, 8th May. Thank goodness I have 2016 Annual Leave to finish using up. All 18 days of them and so I’m still 24/7 with BBoss. 

For this whole ML, these two things really stand out for me: breastfeeding and BBoss is a high needs baby.


Since I gave birth, I think everyone around me has to live in a world filled with so much breastfeeding information. I didn’t start the journey well so everyone could see and had to go along with my struggles.

I never thought I could breastfeed cos I thought it’s in the genes (Mom said she didn’t have much and the kakak wasn’t that particular so she didn’t bf much. She didn’t quite read up on bf too so macam tak kuasa sgt la nak buat apa2 to increase supply lol). As I read more articles on bf, I started to believe I can bf. I worked really hard till my family could see how stressed I was during the first 2 weeks. What happened:

  1. BBoss was too impatient to latch.
  2. He drinks every 1-1.5hr. My pumping couldn’t catch up with his drinking schedule. Amount pumped also not even half of what he drinks per meal.
  3. BBoss can scream really loud so there’s no time to wait for me to pump enough (even nurses at KK pointed this out to us. Thanks eh we can hear for ourselves.)
  4. KK nurse told me “you don’t bother latching la. Ur nipple is short and ur son so impatient. You pump better” (wrong advice I shouldn’t have listened)
  5. I tried latching and it was done wrongly. Ended up having sore nipples. Literally cried when BBoss latched. 

    Even though I was stressed out, I didn’t make myself go even crazier by insisting on BM alone. I supplemented with formula while I figured out what to do. On week 3, I couldn’t take it anymore so MrF and I decided to contact Sister Kang, the most famous lactation consultant (I think). She’s really awesome la! From then on, there’s no turning back, it was total bf. Alhamdulillah I’m really thankful I could bf cos it made going out easy BUT it resulted in a very clingy baby. The power of boobs! lol

    High needs baby

    This term was given by a doula la. At the start, BBoss doesn’t keep quiet unless he’s sleeping. He will scream till purple or voice serak. So many people were so worried for us and started to comment/do something. I guess they were trying to be helpful but you know.. some comments are quite unnecessary and stressed a new mother out. Some of the things done/said:

    1. Offer air bacaan (ok this I can accept)
    2. Offer to berubat (???)
    3. Not enough BM that’s why baby always crying (excuse me, he’s pooping and peeing a lot. His weight gain is good also)
    4. He needs plain water (haizzzz..)
    5. Why you never read Quran to him? (Urmm.. must tell u whenever we read, is it?)
    6. H has 2 pusar, u know what that means right? He’s degil. (Thanks friend, I choose to label him as a determined boy who will work hard for what he wants. Aamin!!)
    7. And this is the best: what is BBoss doing? Is he still crying? (Yalah! He’s a baby what! You want him to make money is it?!)

    Why can’t he just cry a lot? It’s a new world to him and his organs are still developing so maybe he’s uncomfortable. Let him “complain” to us la till he gets used to it. 

    Fortunately, it got much better as the months went by. I guess what a mummy-friend mentioned “about understanding our baby better will make caring for him easier” is true.

    Oh no, didn’t expect this to end up as a ranting post haha! I am not complaining about being a Mom (I’m really happy I have a child, don’t get me wrong hor) but just sharing what I had to experience once I became one. Satu kampong will contribute their 2cents worth but at the end of the day, I guess I had to be strong and try not to be so affected by them. 😬

    Okla I should plan for a happy post for the next one! 

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    4 Responses to Maternity leave

    1. I just have to share this. When my daughter was born, her eyebrows tak lebat (newborn kan?) So someone actually gave me this suggestion

      “Rahsia keluarga saya: amik tahi (yes the shit) taruk pat kening untuk lebatkan”

      Yes. Put my daughter’s shit on her eyebrows to make it lebat.

      I could only stare at her and then I excused myself to do something else (can’t remember what).

      Pandai-pandai aje πŸ˜’


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