The story of a plane

My mom just went downstairs and bought BBoss a toy plane. It’s just a $2 plane but it means the world to me. I’m going to teach BBoss to love and keep this toy forever and ever.

BBoss likes to be carried around as if he’s an aeroplane – him facing down and we will say “terbang sane, terbang sini” (“fly there, fly here”). My Mom also recalled that I requested (I think knowing my young self it must have been demanded and not requested šŸ˜…) for a remote controlled aeroplane. So…

Gaknye budak ni mcm kau la suka aeroplane.

After that comment, she came back with a toy plane and then it got me into an emotional state. šŸ˜­

Back then, my dad worked alone to bring 4 girls up so it was not easy to get toys unless it was for something special. I was obviously very boyish and wanted an aeroplane instead of dolls. For my 6th birthday, he finally got it for me and omgee I was such a pelokek, I didn’t allow anyone to play with it. My dear kakak played with it when I was in school k šŸ˜¤ 

So much love for my Mom for doing this for BBoss. What my dad did for me, she’s doing it for my son. 

Also, it just hit me that my mom has taken it upon herself to be the “Grandfather” to BBoss cos my dad is bedridden. My dad used to sing to my nieces and nephew. They were lucky as they managed to see and play with a healthy Grandfather. And if he couldn’t play with them, he would accompany my sisters when they had to stay awake in the middle of the night and try to rock their babies to sleep. Before being bedridden, he was in a wheelchair and he would still force himself to accompany my third sister late at night to ensure she didn’t drop the baby in her sleepy state. Unfortunately BBoss came a lil too late to enjoy all these. 

My mom is now trying her best to sing to BBoss (despite hating to sing and it’s so funny cos she’s so awkward lol). I guess she wants BBoss to experience what his older cousins had with their Grandfather earlier. 

I know it’s not that sad for BBoss la cos he still has my Mom and his paternal grandparents. That’s way more than what some kids have. Some kids have neither paternal nor maternal grandparents but I’m just being emotional la.. so bear with it eh šŸ˜¬

I hope I can be as selfless as my parents and am capable like them in bringing up good awesome kids (like yours truly hurhur). The sacrifices they made just to bring us up can never be repaid. The best I can do is to keep them in my prayers always. May Allah grant them the highest ranks in Jannah. Amin.

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One Response to The story of a plane

  1. Touching story sis

    Amin ā¤


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