7 months later

Surprise surprise, I’m still on leave despite finishing up my maternity and annual leaves. Yeah I had to resort to taking No Pay Leave (NPL) for about 3 months. 

It’s kind of a kecoh situation. 

Let’s run through all the details.

We have a maid:

We took a maid cos my mom very the gatal – back then, MrF and I will do our housework and laundry every few days (siapa sanggup buat hari2 sebelum/lepas keje kan??!!) but my Mom cannot tahan. She believes that laundry and housework must be done daily so she will secretly do for us while we’re at work. We can’t stop her from doing cos we’re at work so we got a maid to settle that issue for us. After my dad became bedridden, we thought the maid can help carry my dad too. 

If parents were not staying with me, I would not have a maid and also would have sent BBoss to infant care (IFC) from the start but you know la, orang tua senang kecik hati. Orang da satu rumah, abeh cari orang lain jagakan anak. So okla tak nak rumitkan keadaan, I thought the maid can help look after the baby while my Mom supervises. $580+levy monthly seems like a good deal – housework, laundry, Dad and BBoss.

So why am I on NPL then? 

My mom requested that I extend my leave cos they can’t manage to care for my dad and BBoss concurrently. When the request was made, the whole house had gone through about 3 months of BBoss crying almost all his waking time, really cranky and difficult to manage. After weeks and weeks of discussion with MrF, I decided on NPL. Only the parents sanggup layan karenah anak sendiri kan, don’t want to stress my Mom with another responsibility so I took NPL. 

“Oh anakku, tolong kenang jasa mama eh nanti. Kalau tak, aku debik”

It’s such a big risk for me cos company does not reserve the post for anyone who takes NPL for more than a month, I might have to wait a few more months before an empty post comes along. I really hope that’s not the case. Then someone so jahat spread rumour that I’m not coming back after this NPL and HR had to call to clarify. I really really really hope that there’s a nice post waiting for me once I go back work. Amin!

Anyway my mom is very happy to see me sacrificing my career for my child. She always thought I’m career and money crazy  and “confirm tak tau jaga baby just cos I was geli to help wash my nieces’ buttocks dulu” lol but wow I actually gave all that up and proved my mama wrong (of cos I’ll wash my son’s buttocks la! why would I want to wash someone else’s kan?) Hurhur

I mentioned earlier that it’s a kecoh situation right? 

So here’s the kecoh part: 

As I’m nearing the month to go back work, my mom suddenly thought of moving out to her new BTO. Reason: Something about having own house is better than being a penumpang. Cos biasalah org tua very sensitive. It’s gonna be very hard on her living alone with my dad who can’t move and can’t speak. She’s gonna be so lonely and my 3 sisters and I are worried she’ll go crazy/depressed. She also doesn’t want the maid to go with them (why mama why??) So that’s one problem.

Next problem, BBoss! I need to scramble for IFC now 😱 I hope there are still slots available somewhere!

Third problem, my mom keeps changing her mind. When she’s happy, she doesn’t think of moving out. When she’s suddenly unhappy and hormonal (menopausal), she says she wanna move out. So how now?

If I put BBoss into IFC now, my mom will think I’m chasing her out. (Old people very sensitive kan!) 

Also, if we put him in IFC now, we will be double paying – maid and IFC? 

I guess we’ll just standby an IFC somewhere, then the moment my mom really moves, we will put him in. If my mom wants the maid, she’ll go along with them. If not, I will have to let her go.

There’s also another issue of people saying I chase my parents out. OMG so many things to think of 😱

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7 Responses to 7 months later

  1. laylaliyya says:

    That sounds tough. Hope your niyyat to jaga hati ur mum will be rewarded by Him. Hugs and may everything turn out for the best ☺


  2. Hang in there. Mcm mcm test come bila baby dah keluar. Same happened to me as well. May Allah ease things for you and let everything go smoothly.


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