HR just informed me yesterday on 28th Sep that I’m going back to work next Monday, 2nd Oct! Jahat or what so last minute inform??!! I know I should bersyukur but my heart cannot take such shock la.

If we were more prepared for the news, I believe it wouldn’t be so bad. Now, we don’t have much time to react!

When we were confirming my NPL at the start, I requested for my NPL to end on 30th Sep. I was told to contact HR 2 weeks before I return to check if there’s a post. I went beyond what’s requested. I contacted HR 1 month ahead wokay! I have been calling and emailing HR every week to ask whether there’s a post and whether I can go back on my requested date BUT HR TOLD ME NO POST AND NOT SURE WHEN I’LL RETURN. The least they could do was give me a hint kan 😤

Cos of that, MrF, my helper, my mom and I didn’t really work hard in letting BBoss get used to being away from me for 12 hours and I didn’t really build an empire of milk stash. 

To change gears from being a stay at home Mom (SAHM) to a working Mom (WM) is rather difficult. In preparation, I have been like a mad woman packing my work bag cos I brought everything on my desk home. Confident I will be posted elsewhere. So kental end up same place again. 

Was hoping for a more family/baby friendly team. Oh wells, gotta accept my fate la. Let’s just be positive and wing it!

Wish me luck that: 

  1. Work (bosses) won’t be horrible
  2. Helper and my Mom do not get too stressed with BBoss 
  3. I can control my separation anxiety 
  4. Brain knows how to function for work

May it be a smooth transition for my family and me. Amiiin!

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2 Responses to Whuuuttt??

  1. Hanapurp says:

    U can do it! 😊


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