3/4 of the year went by…

BBoss will be turning 9 months this coming Monday. Seriously wow! 

It’s been 2 weeks since I started work too. Another wow! Lol

How did all the weeks and months go by so fast?!?! 

Alhamdulillah it was rather easy to go to work. BBoss has friends (his cousins, bibik and my mom) in the day. He doesn’t cry when I wave to him goodbye but surprisingly he cries when MrF does so 🤔 I can’t imagine going away when he’s crying for me, so I’m quite thankful it doesn’t happen to me. 

On days that I take MRT back home, I’ll obike from station to home. That’s how eager I am to go home. Some days, I’m lucky enough to have MrF and BBoss welcoming me at office lobby. That will mean I have an extra hour to play with BBoss after work. Sad life of Singaporean working mummies: spending more time with bosses and colleagues than own child 🤦🏻‍♀️

Sometimes I don’t feel like rushing back and want to slowly stroll my way home. However, BBoss doesn’t drink milk (be it breastmilk or formula) when I’m away. It’s not about the bottle or the cup or straw or whatsoever item. When he tastes the liquid, he’ll push everything away and it’s always a battle for my mom and helper. At first, I thought it’ll be ok if he doesn’t drink but I noticed that he’s having hard stools and always crying when he’s trying to poop. Soooo I need to rush back home. There’s also no way I can travel for work till I solve this drinking problem. So boss, pls be kind eh 😑

He eats fruits so no issue with the fibre part but he needs water to wet the poop. Therefore the current solution is to give him watermelon and very watery porridge everyday. 

With him not drinking in the day, I realise I don’t need an empire of milk stash. Kinda solve my pumping problem at work too. If it’s a busy day, I pump once only. On days that I can afford some time (aka boss not around), I can pump 3x. I just pump to ensure that supply is still there for his night latch. I’m not sure if it’s possible for me to skip pumping in the day and still have milk at night? I also feel bad pumping and dumping so I’ve been storing all the pumped milk in the freezer. Still thinking what I should do with the milk. 

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