Play date

Ever since I got married, I always had the idea of setting up a childcare centre. Intention: quit my job, take care of my own children while earning money by caring for other children.

To show how semangat I was, I even checked ECDA website on how to set one up BUT one criteria was holding me back – need to take up early childhood course. It’s either I take the course or hire people who have that course. It’s better to have it myself (cos people can easily quit on me kan), but cos no time to go through another cert chasing course, I’ve put my idea away. However, I recently and randomly brought this idea up to my sec school mates and surprisingly they are interested too! But they suggested starting with play dates first.

And after that whole long long introduction, here’s our little experiment to cater to the north siders (cos everything always happens in the east. Give chance to the north la):

We’ve tried it for free before and now we’re trying to see if we can reach out to the masses at this cost. The goodie bags and refreshments provided are definitely worth more than $10! And we haven’t even gone into quantifying the joy and fun that both mummy and kid will get! Hurhur. Do support us if you have kids of that age! Help to spread the word my dear blogger friends, k? Thanks! 😘

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1 Response to Play date

  1. N.Qaiyimah says:

    I had the same thoughts as you… but then, it ended right there and then! 😂😂😂


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