A year on

Our boy is growing up so fast 😢

Recently I have been quite emotional cos I’ve been looking through and compiling his photos from Day 1 to put everything into an album. I wanted to reminisce and reflect how 1 year went by.

Everyday as we look at him, we are thankful Allah swt blessed us with a happy and healthy boy. One thing we learnt after being parents is to count every little blessings. No matter how hard it is bringing up a baby, there will always be others who are having it harder than us. So do not despair, do not compare and do not give up, let’s work hard to bring up the blessing given by Allah 💪🏻

I love experiencing his milestones. At first I thought he’ll end up as a mama’s boy but sad to say, the bapak is the more fun parent and he is, I have to admit, an “anak bapak”. His first and favourite word is… no surprise here..”Bapak!” 🙄

Good thing I love his bapak 😆 if not I’ll be so sad. “Mama” is such an easy word to say! I thought the sound “mmm” is every baby’s first syllable. 🤔 But then again I think it’s my own doing la. I have always been the more serious but talkative parent. I will point out and tell him stuff like “bapak doing this, bapak doing that, bapak work, bapak eat, bapak everything la”.

On the other hand, MrF being his naturally quiet self, he interacts more by playing and doing activities with him. There’s no regular “mama this, mama that, mama work”. It’ll be – shoots nerf gun, throws ball, tickle tickle, throws him in the air, run crawl around, play hide and seek, etc. (Okla lotsa effort there, boleh patah tulang belakang. My activities cuma menghauskan je lol)

Whatever it is, I’m happy how things turned out. All I wish is for our son to grow up healthy, happy and holy (haha just to get a word that begins with H!) hehe okla I meant kuat imannya pada Allah swt and Rasul saw.

Of cos in order for that to happen, MrF and I must make sure we constantly improve ourselves as his parents. May we be granted good health and patience so that we can do our job in guiding our son well for this life and hereafter.


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