Method of communication

Am I writing a series on communication? Lol

So here’s my booboo story. I mentioned previously that I was super duper pissed and made a hell of a fuss right? Well, the fuss got so bad that it involved so many parties.

MrF wasn’t explaining why MIL kept information from me and I was rather taken aback that MIL would do that to me. So in our argument,

Me: Are you sure your mom really said to keep the information from me? What kind of education is this? I will ask your mom about it.

MrF: Go ahead la (in a if-you-dare tone)

This wife doesn’t like to waste time so she proceeded (a few hours later). One puji diri sendiri moment: In an argument, I still managed to get permission from husband wokay? Lol!

I thought about it and decided to take action.

Here’s my excuses for my actions lol:

It was at night already and I have a clingy latching baby who’s trying to nurse to sleep. He usually nurses for quite a long period before he finally sleeps. MrF and I will not make any sound whenever BBoss sleeps cos he’s such a light sleeper. That means calling MIL was not possible.

I also can’t wait till the day we visit ILs. The weekend after, ILs was going to go on a holiday, that means the next meetup would be 2 weeks later. Omg I cannot wait that long.

So what I did was… whatsapp my MIL. Yes, whatsapp. How trendy was I? 🤦🏻‍♀️ I ran by my message with my kakak first to confirm if I have the right to feel this way (or I might be overly sensitive right?) and also made sure the message (in full Malay) didn’t sound rude. I did not want to attack but merely asking for clarification.

It only hit me that omg I did a booboo after I clicked “send”!! My MIL is super traditional. Message2 gini tak main. True enough, the booboo whacked me hard cos MIL got so affected and everyone else in the ILs family got involved. Macam I’ve attacked their Queen Ant you know.

Learning points:

  1. Don’t do things immediately when you’re angry (even when you have husband’s “permission”)
  2. Do a sit down face to face discussion instead of calling or messaging (messaging is totally a younger generation kinda thing right? But yeah gotta think about the other side haiz)
  3. No one knows the tone of your message (although I’ve put in thoughts on making it sound nice IMO) so messaging is really really the worst thing to do when arguing
  4. MIL doesn’t know my style of messaging and assumed it’s an attack. So next time, suck it up and sort out with husband only la. Why so yaya message MIL right? (In my defence, I’ve never involved anyone whenever MrF and I argue. It was only this incident cos there’s mention of MIL)

Yeah anyway.. I had to do a bit of a reflection. Even though I was right on the issue of communication with husband, for my communication with MIL, I still have a lot to improve on 💆🏻‍♀️

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