Post Umrah

The moment we signed the umrah package (sometime in Feb/Mar), some things happened and whacked us really hard. We called them cobaan for umrah. I think cos we survived those issues, that’s why umrah was relatively easy for us. When things were hard, my doa was “Ya Allah, I’ll try to survive this hardship but pls let umrah be easy for us.” So alhamdulillah we survived umrah and really enjoyed our trip. We were initially worried for the long flight and 6h long bus ride with BBoss but he was amazingly really baik! 😍

Anyway, one of the challenges pre-umrah was having my parents move out suddenly. Haha I fought with my MIL, MrF fought with his MIL. What a joke. So yeah that’s the result of arguing. Lazy to go into details of what happened but it made us scramble for IFC for BBoss.

We were lucky to find one that doesn’t have many babies. Currently there’s 2 teachers to 4 babies. Alhamdulillah BBoss is getting used to it there. Since we still have bibik, we only send BBoss for few hours only. Hoping to make the transition easy for him. First week, 3h of school. Second week, 5h. Third week, 7h and so on. InsyaAllah once he’s alright, we aim to let bibik go.

MrF and I are also cooking our own meals (hmm bibik doesn’t like cooking so kita kena settle sendiri 😬 but she’s a good bibik la. She used to help my mom for my bedridden dad and housework is really tip top!).

Anyway for now, MrF and I suka main masak2. My style is to research for recipe and try to follow the rempah but I’ll overdose with all the isi (meat, seafood). MrF is the campak2 whatever he finds in fridge kind and later he grumble asal weird eh? It’s quite fun to cook (cos there’s someone cleaning up after me lol) but I think it’s more costly to cook than to eat out since we have to pay for ingredients, gas and our time but let’s see how this goes la.

I’m also starting something new insyaAllah mid June. I hope it will be good for us. If not, gonna replan our whole daily schedules again.

I also found someone who’s willing to take my bibik till her contract ends (Nov 2018). I feel bad letting her go back early cos she said she wants to save more $. However, I haven’t broken the news to her that she can be transferred if she wants. It’s gonna be heartbreaking to tell her that I want to let her go but I gotta do it la. Can save on her salary!

We are also trying to see how to revamp our place. Itching to sell and start afresh but price is bad. If do reno, how to stay there with the dust? Hmm

Wish us luck in trying to be independent! It’s been long overdue la haha

And oh ya happy Ramadan everyone! May it be a blessed month for all of us 😊

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  1. laylaliyya says:

    Awww I feel u about this MIL stuff. Hope everything will be made easy for you and family ! 😘

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