Aduh bibikku

Haha I’ve never watched the show before but I’ve heard of it. I think having a bibik at home is enough drama for my life. No need to watch any tv programmes haha

My family started having a bibik in Nov 2015 when my dad got really sick. She was to help my mom care for my dad and also with housework. That first bibik was so so so horrible. First of all, she’s rather gelojoh sorry had to use that word. She will tak malunye amik makanan dulu even before my dad! We don’t even do that. Abeh amik byk plak tu! And then my mom being a super gullible makcik aiyoh πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ end up doing 80% of the work? She also asked my mom for an iPhone and money 😀. Luckily my mom not as savvy as to know how to buy an iPhone but money wise hmm we couldn’t control. Sad to say that woman cheated my mom of $2000. Her departure was rather dramatic. It was Oct 2016. She came out of the toilet sobbing saying her daughter died. God knows how she got news in the toilet. My mom was alone with her and she believed her story and called us to book her a flight ticket. We did without questioning and we were all duped. My Kakak sent her to the gate and just before entering she said “anak saya tak mati.” Ni case mati hidup semula πŸ™„

We concluded she cooked up a story cos my dad was coming back home from hosp full time and he required a lot of help. She knew she couldn’t escape work already. So she found a way out after she “borrowed” money from my mom. It’s hilarious how my 3rd sister sent her scary messages on fb (like tak halal. Tak takut Allah blah blah blah) but too bad she ignored the messages πŸ˜‚

We had about 2 months being bibik-less. Housework was ok cos MrF and I do our share but we knew my mom was getting tired handling my dad alone and she will secretly try to do our part of the housework when we’re at work. Furthermore I was going to give birth already. We definitely need the extra pair of hands when I go back work. So we got bibik no2.

She’s a good one. Not sure if it’s cos we compared her to No1. πŸ˜† First time working but she’s good at housework and laundry. She can also help with my dad. She was a little moody at first cos she was homesick but she was determined to get over it. After 2 months, she was smiling and laughing. She’s actually good with kids but I only noticed that after I went back to work. She didn’t handle BBoss much when I was on ML and NPL. Maybe I looked very territorial haha! Yalah FTM kan πŸ™„ son so precious.

I guess no one ever liked having a non-family in their home. Initially, it took me a while to get used to it. As much as I don’t like it, I can’t do much about it cos we really needed one. Hehe. However, the moment my parents moved out, I was determined to let bibik go. Reasons being:

  1. MrF works shift and there’ll be hours when they’ll be alone at home. Awkward situation there.
  2. I don’t quite trust a bibik caring for BBoss alone without any monitoring. No matter how much she loves BBoss, there might be PMSy days and boy, we all know how those days can be. We installed CCTVs but we were just not comfortable.
  3. BBoss is spending too much time alone with bibik. I’m out of the house from 730am to 7pm. He only gets to see me for 1-2h max per weekday? I’m so afraid he’ll be closer to her than me and what if he starts speaking Indonesian? 😱
  4. I think it’s time we settle things ourselves. A bit too luxurious to have a bibik now. Maybe when we have 3 kids and I’m up to my neck settling everything myself?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I found a transfer for her but she thought about it for a while and decided that she wanted to go home instead. She hasn’t seen her daughters for more than 2 years 😱 and no additional salary would be enough when compared to how much she misses her daughters. She was also worried that she won’t get an employer as nice as me (muahahahaha!)

So today is the final day that we have bibik no2 with us. I will be sending her off tomorrow on Vesak Day morning.

If anyone has tips on how to manage a household and toddler with a full time work, do share! My only concern now is ending work at 6pm (they btr not have last min meeting which can end after 6 😀) and running back to make sure I make it back by 7pm to fetch him from IFC. Maybe I will be a sprinter after a few months of doing this hurhurBismillah!

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