August play date

I bonded with 2 other WordPress bloggers sometime in 2015-2016. We got closer and created a whatsapp group: “WordPress wives” first then changed it to “WordPress mummies” 😂

Recently, we were just reminiscing how we survived being first time mummies (FTM). I think one of the reasons it wasn’t that crazy was cos we had each other to chit chat with. There were even times we were busy chatting at 2-4am cos you know la we sambil2 chit chat while we do our mummy duties at night. We didn’t compare/compete how our babies were doing (it’s just quite irritating how some mummies do that right? Hehe) but we usually listen to each other’s issues, give ideas kindly and we try to cheer each other up if we have no other help to offer. Whatever it is, we try to create a positive environment for each other 😍

I have really benefited a lot by having fellow FTMs around to chat and check on stuff with. If we don’t help fellow mummies, who else will right?

Since we quite the yaya papaya haha! We thought we can organise a play date and meet up with other bloggers who also had babies recently. Who knows we might meet more mummies and we all can share share our experiences? Or maybe during the play date we can connect other mummies who have babies from the same month like Kraken Mummy and me.

Tentatively, it’s gonna be held on 4 Aug afternoon. Venue TBC. Indoor or outdoors, feel free to comment! We’re still deciding depending on how the response is. If anyone is interested, feel free to leave a comment here or at Kraken Mummy’s latest post!

Let’s make this happen! InsyaAllah!

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4 Responses to August play date

  1. syazwanaaisyah says:

    Play date; sounds fun! Hmmm I may wanna participate since my baby’s 1st birthday falls on the 6th! Hee =P


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