About the Couple

Like any other new age couple, they met online. It was a few months of chatting and emailing before they decided to meet. They met when MrsF had to travel for a work trip. For that trip, she had to be at the airport by 4.30am.

Being the gentleman that he is, MrF picked MrsF from the north in the wee hours (he stays 5 min from the airport ok) and sent her to the airport. That was their first meet up.

MrF and MrsF met, fell in love, got married on 28 Mar 2015 and they live happily ever after, in sha Allah (with a few arguments along the way but MrsF always winning them hehe).

After a few mishaps, they were granted with a wonderful gift (Baby Boss – BBoss) from Allah on 16 Jan 2017.


2 Responses to About the Couple

  1. Lisda says:

    Are you saying I am not new age then? -frowns-


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