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Differences Part 2 – E Csect vs VBAC

Emergency csect Good part: I didn’t have to worry about peeing or pooping post birth Didn’t have to worry about my V or anus dropping out (lol!) E csect was done really fast. Baby was out within half hour of … Continue reading

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Differences Part 1 – Hospitals

Since I’ve experienced different hospitals and methods of giving birth, I shall do a series on “differences” to remind myself if I decide on a third one. lol. This post will be on my experiences in the 2 Hospitals. KKH: … Continue reading

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My VBAC story

Alhamdulillah I just gave birth to my second born, a baby girl this time around. Let’s call her MeiMei. As posted before, I was rather upset when I had to do emergency csect for BBoss in 2017. So when I … Continue reading

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We don’t realise how blessed we are till we listen to the world out there

Been hearing a few sad news in the past weeks. I think it’s really good to hear such stories as it allows me to reflect. Story #1: A family friend went thru giving birth to a stillborn at 37 weeks … Continue reading

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Weaning woes

Aim: to breastfeed BBoss for 2 years. End point: 16 Jan 2019 Plan: start from 16 Jan 2018 cos I thought give him a year to get used to the idea. Lol. Obviously, weaning process didn’t take off la cos … Continue reading

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Finding a balance

A few months back, I was struggling trying to figure what’s the best way to spend more time with BBoss. I grew up in a family where my dad wanted my mom to be a housewife and she willingly did … Continue reading

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His time has come

My dad was a bedridden patient for years. From being a very active teacher to a bedridden patient. He was home cared by my awesome mom. Towards the final 1.5 years he lost his ability to move (except left arm) … Continue reading

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