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Calling all mummies and little ones! 4 Aug! Onz boh?

Alright, like what was mentioned in the previous post, Kraken and I would like to organise a play date in the North (indoor) from 2-4pm. No pressure kinda session; just a session to get to know more mummies and let … Continue reading

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August play date

I bonded with 2 other WordPress bloggers sometime in 2015-2016. We got closer and created a whatsapp group: “WordPress wives” first then changed it to “WordPress mummies” πŸ˜‚ Recently, we were just reminiscing how we survived being first time mummies … Continue reading

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A year on

Our boy is growing up so fast 😒 Recently I have been quite emotional cos I’ve been looking through and compiling his photos from Day 1 to put everything into an album. I wanted to reminisce and reflect how 1 … Continue reading

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Play date

Ever since I got married, I always had the idea of setting up a childcare centre. Intention: quit my job, take care of my own children while earning money by caring for other children. To show how semangat I was, … Continue reading

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3/4 of the year went by…

BBoss will be turning 9 months this coming Monday. Seriously wow!  It’s been 2 weeks since I started work too. Another wow! Lol How did all the weeks and months go by so fast?!?!  Alhamdulillah it was rather easy to … Continue reading

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HR just informed me yesterday on 28th Sep that I’m going back to work next Monday, 2nd Oct! Jahat or what so last minute inform??!! I know I should bersyukur but my heart cannot take such shock la. If we … Continue reading

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7 months later

Surprise surprise, I’m still on leave despite finishing up my maternity and annual leaves. Yeah I had to resort to taking No Pay Leave (NPL) for about 3 months.  It’s kind of a kecoh situation.  Let’s run through all the … Continue reading

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