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MrF, let’s go for a holiday again..

Hello hello 🙂 it’s been a while huh? Life after the wedding: too busy to blog. My brain is still adjusting to the fact that there’s two of us to think of whenever I want to do something.  For example, … Continue reading

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A whole new world

Life’s different, I must say. After our big fat Malay wedding, MrF moved in to stay with my side BUT that’s not his biggest nightmare. His biggest nightmare: moving out of his East side! Lotsa adjustment for him. Kesian MrF. … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs F @ Honeymoon

Hola! Alhamdulillah we’ve been married for 13 days! Da nearly 2 weeks, wow tak sangka!  Most probably update about the 28th when I’m back. Still on holiday huhu. Haven’t been at work since the 26th, what’s work eh? Hehehe. Loving … Continue reading

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Happy happy makan session before wedding

MrF will be flying off to Phuket with his boys this coming Wednesday. May it be a smooth and safe trip for MrF. Amin. As for me, I had my so called makan trip over the CNY break with a … Continue reading

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Family Holiday (and of cos idea for future little honeymoon getaway)

It’s kinda rare that my family goes for a holiday TOGETHER. Sister and I going for a holiday without parents, that’s normal. Or my sisters/I go holiday on their/my own with some friends, that’s normal. Elder sis and her hubby … Continue reading

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