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Umrah or amrah as BBoss calls it

Alhamdulillah, MrF and I managed to do our umrah with BBoss in tow. This year the “panggilan” feels much louder and stronger. Not too sure if I’m more aware or what but it felt like a lot of relatives and … Continue reading

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MrF, let’s go for a holiday again..

Hello hello 🙂 it’s been a while huh? Life after the wedding: too busy to blog. My brain is still adjusting to the fact that there’s two of us to think of whenever I want to do something.  For example, … Continue reading

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A whole new world

Life’s different, I must say. After our big fat Malay wedding, MrF moved in to stay with my side BUT that’s not his biggest nightmare. His biggest nightmare: moving out of his East side! Lotsa adjustment for him. Kesian MrF. … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs F @ Honeymoon

Hola! Alhamdulillah we’ve been married for 13 days! Da nearly 2 weeks, wow tak sangka!  Most probably update about the 28th when I’m back. Still on holiday huhu. Haven’t been at work since the 26th, what’s work eh? Hehehe. Loving … Continue reading

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Happy happy makan session before wedding

MrF will be flying off to Phuket with his boys this coming Wednesday. May it be a smooth and safe trip for MrF. Amin. As for me, I had my so called makan trip over the CNY break with a … Continue reading

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Family Holiday (and of cos idea for future little honeymoon getaway)

It’s kinda rare that my family goes for a holiday TOGETHER. Sister and I going for a holiday without parents, that’s normal. Or my sisters/I go holiday on their/my own with some friends, that’s normal. Elder sis and her hubby … Continue reading

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