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7 months later

Surprise surprise, I’m still on leave despite finishing up my maternity and annual leaves. Yeah I had to resort to taking No Pay Leave (NPL) for about 3 months.  It’s kind of a kecoh situation.  Let’s run through all the … Continue reading

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(why both got DB? stands for dumbo is it?) Ok very lame there, please bear with that cos I just concluded an unplanned situation. Inilah namenye kita merancang tapi Allah yang menentukan. Monday morning, HDB called to answer my email … Continue reading

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100 days and “new” home!

100 days to our much awaited date! MrF thinks it’s goin too fast, while I think it should go even faster. Hehe so now you can see who’s the more excited one? But I know deep inside guys are equally … Continue reading

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Why we didn’t apply for BTO

In matters of relationship, I realised there are always ways that will make things difficult for the couple. For example, before meeting your Mr Right, there wasn’t anyone chasing you. Then when you have that someone, oh wow! Suddenly every … Continue reading

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Cadar oh so pretty!

Bought our first cadar (bedsheet) for our upcoming new bed! Ka-ching ka-ching money rolling out again, swish swish swiping of the cards. Shopped with the mom and sisters at Paragon Metro. The kakak has the Metro card (discount!!) and Oct … Continue reading

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The important item for……our beauty sleep! Haha

We are going to use MY hantaran (terima kasih eh, MrF) to purchase all our furniture. It’s a good thing that my parents are quite relaxed about the hantaran issue, as in they don’t demand that they keep the hantaran. … Continue reading

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