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Our birth story

Before I start my super duper long winded story, I need to pen this down as a reminder that I should be very thankful I have MrF with me. He’s a man of few words but his actions.. fuh! so … Continue reading

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39 weeks 5 days with him

I never imagined post delivery would be this tiring! Quite a shock for me. Hehe.. I know I’m quite a noob and so naive as to expect an easy time caring for a newborn. Anyway I have some time and … Continue reading

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Our journey as papa and mama F

Everyone has their own pregnancy story and here’s ours: We got married on 28 Mar 2015 but we didn’t try getting pregnant immediately. We wanted a little bit of “us time” first. We started trying after Raya and alhamdulillah it … Continue reading

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  Alhamdulillah, we have reached our 1 year mark!  Throughout this whole year, we definitely went thru some good and bad times together. Good times we totally did it together, but for the bad ones, sometimes I needed a lil … Continue reading

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Pre-Marriage Course

Was just wondering if anyone saw an advert saying that there’s a pre-marriage course that cost $150 PER COUPLE? Supposedly some promotion going on.  I thought I saw something like that on fb 2 days ago, but can’t seem to … Continue reading

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A long hiatus I have been on..

Hello hello to those who are still reading this blog! Hehe.. Lost my mojo in writing cos of some legal threats (which didn’t fall thru). Following that, I guess just hilang mood la. Lol.  Today, feeling a bit free and … Continue reading

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(sing along to the Jalil Hamid Raya song hehe) Bila sebut pasal bandung, Semua ingat air bandung Tapi jangan pulak kita lupa Ada seribu satu kata Berkait dengan bandung Selain air bandung lol! Today MrF and I tried making mee bandung. I’m trying … Continue reading

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