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Method of communication

Am I writing a series on communication? Lol So here’s my booboo story. I mentioned previously that I was super duper pissed and made a hell of a fuss right? Well, the fuss got so bad that it involved so … Continue reading

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Happy Togs

Our little (business) baby is reaching 1000 likes! Come on, come on! Jiayou! It’s kinda hard to juggle online business with a day job, but alhamdulillah it’s working out ok so far. Reski trickling in whenever Allah decides and customers … Continue reading

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(why both got DB? stands for dumbo is it?) Ok very lame there, please bear with that cos I just concluded an unplanned situation. Inilah namenye kita merancang tapi Allah yang menentukan. Monday morning, HDB called to answer my email … Continue reading

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Sedetik Lebih…

If MrF sang this song to me, I would melt a thousand times over. Heh. Sedetik Lebih Anuar Zain in Singapore The makcik in me soooo wanted to go to his concert but the practical me decided against it. Tengok … Continue reading

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Decided to play around with the Scrabble alphabets and made our names yesterday. No idea what to do with the pictures yet. Perhaps just pun on fb in Mar to remind everyone to attend our wedding. Haha!

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I just want to share how awesome possum this cupcake is, but I must try to make it wedding related. haha. The best I can think of is..Whoever can afford expensive berkat, this is it, my dear ladies… I can … Continue reading

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In Singapore: Home is where the heart is

And so I made it back. Survived the whole month of attachment, alhamdulillah. Home sweet home, like Santa Claus bringing gifts for love ones. I don’t dare check my credit cards bills though hehe On another point, I kept hugging … Continue reading

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