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Pre-Marriage Course

Was just wondering if anyone saw an advert saying that there’s a pre-marriage course that cost $150 PER COUPLE? Supposedly some promotion going on.  I thought I saw something like that on fb 2 days ago, but can’t seem to … Continue reading

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Review from us

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been married for more than 2 good weeks yo! Life’s different but it definitely feels awesome being together! Tengah kat padang pasir and waiting for dinner. Lotsa time so here’s a LENGTHY review of our day and some … Continue reading

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Give me a peace sign!

 How many days to go???    I’m so thankful we made it this far, despite the many many issues. Wali issue seriously beats venue, hantaran, Mak Andam or any other issue hands down yo! I wish that no other BTBs … Continue reading

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I can never imagine..

..a dugaan this big 😢  I wonder what other couples have experienced before. Based on my (biased) research and a show of hands (haha), no one said their dugaan can beat mine. Boleh eh gini, competitive tahap mereps! Anyway, whatever … Continue reading

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It’s March, baby!

Woke up to a work call and got pulled into a tug of war between two bosses. Sucky but heck la. I’ll resolve it tomorrow. Cos whatever happens, nothing gonna bring me down cos…. My favourite month is here! The … Continue reading

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I love 28

28! Woots! Final 2 months of cheong-ing. WordPress countdown somehow likes to discount the number of months. I guess WordPress is actually counting it as 1 month (29 days), so why no show the number of days? I don’t really … Continue reading

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Pokemon, I choose you..

Haha deceiving title. Just focus on the word “choose” ok? And so, today we went to our bridal place and chose our baju(s). Supposed to have 1 customised baju nikah and 2 baju sanding. Didn’t get to see the baju … Continue reading

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