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7 months later

Surprise surprise, I’m still on leave despite finishing up my maternity and annual leaves. Yeah I had to resort to taking No Pay Leave (NPL) for about 3 months.  It’s kind of a kecoh situation.  Let’s run through all the … Continue reading

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The story of a plane

My mom just went downstairs and bought BBoss a toy plane. It’s just a $2 plane but it means the world to me. I’m going to teach BBoss to love and keep this toy forever and ever. BBoss likes to … Continue reading

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Our journey as papa and mama F

Everyone has their own pregnancy story and here’s ours: We got married on 28 Mar 2015 but we didn’t try getting pregnant immediately. We wanted a little bit of “us time” first. We started trying after Raya and alhamdulillah it … Continue reading

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Kali pertama..

Kali pertama ape eh? Hehehe Kali pertama bertentang mata… Dengan siapa eh? Dengan bakal mertua oi… Today’s topic came about cos the younger sis just met her bf’s parents for the first time. Nerve wrecking moment for her and it … Continue reading

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